Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tomorrow is Saturday

and Sunday comes afterwards...

Me, Just Jack and Kate at Teen Spirit

Yes the weekend is fast approaching. I have to apologise for being completely MIA during the week but with the computer situation at my dad's house there's not much I can do unfortunately. I can't even handle viewing photos because of how slow it is, it's driving me men.tal.
Anyway, just some photos today, of various fun times in the spirit of the impending (that makes it sound kind of doom-y, doesnt it?) weekend.
I've got a few things in the making that I'm HOPING (key word) to schedule for while I'm away in Vietnam. If I can get some good connection over there i might post while I'm there, otherwise I'll just have to do a big summary post when I get back.

Bunny in Hyde Park.

Tony's final Plaza Bar theme party: School Uniforms

 (Naturally the boys went in drag. It's to be expected at this point.)

 and then...

People shoulodn't let me serve alcohol. Ever. It usually ends badly.

As you may have noticed from the photos, i wore my hair curly at Tony's. By the time the camera came out however it had deflated considerably. Maybe next time I should infest in something actually design to keep curls in place, as opposed to hairspray, which just weighs them down.

I wish my hair was naturally wavy/curly. Really I do. it is so so so so much easier/quicker to straighten hair than it is to curl it, and it lasts a lot longer. Plus i like my hair wavy.

You know that photo you have of a way you used to look, that you look back on with some sense of regret because you no longer look like that? You may have cut/dyed your hair for example.

Well mine is a photo of me when I'm 12 or so. My hair was down to my ribs, and I'd just been swimming in a river out in Bathurst and it had dried with these gorgeous, surf chic waves. Now I not only wish my hair could be that wavy all of the time, but I'm going through the agonising wait for it to grow.

Why did I ever cut my hair?

And one more thing. I was feeling fab about finally achieving the light auburn colour my hair is now, and then I watched season 4 of Sex and The City. It's the exact. same. colour. As Miranda's!

-m xx

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