Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The private tour.

My room has always been my domain. When I was younger, I had a much larger bedroom at my dad's house. So large that the family computer was in my room because there was nowhere else that the desk would nicely slot into. Actually the house had originally had an indoor verandah type thing at the front- a small rectanglular room that wasn't open but served no purpose aside from if for some reason anyone felt like sitting there and watching the extremely exciting happenings in our Melrose Park culdesac. (oh yeah sounds super classy but it's a tiny suburb slotted in between West Ryde and Meadowbank. 2114 braaahhh). Anyway at some point my parents knocked down a wall somewhere and the indoor verandah became an extra section of my room. Seriously it was huge. And because of that I used to hang out in my room a lot. My room is no longer big enough to fit much more than a bed and a bookshelf and I'm no longer in the parent-avoiding throes of puberty so I don't spend much time there but I still love to have my style splashed all over the place (save for my dad's current house, which still feels temporary and therefore looks that way).

My bag collection. Mostly thrifted.
Yes, I keep my handbags on my bookshelf.

Alcoholic keepsakes from Eastern Europe and my magazine collection, mostly Grazia.
And no, that's not all of my mags, I have a stack about the same size at my other house.

Some of my perfumes- YSL Parisienne, which I wear every day and 'Essence of Dali' which I picked up at a Salvador Dali exhibit in Montmartre and wear when I feel like sending myself dizzy with nostalgia. To me, it smells like the trees that lined the edges of Rue Coulaincourt.
Featuring the sweet ass of my friend Halcyon Powe, Vivien's Models.

My collection of Marian Keyes books. Well, part of it. I have them all so there's a few floating around in places they shouldn't be. I can't wait for her to bring out another, hopefully sometime this year.

No, I didn't stage this shot. My drawers were like that from when I'd been rifling through them, trying to work out how to both my leather shorts and my new nanna cardigan into one outfit. It didn't work.

Oh yes, I have a fishing tacklebox.

I keep my nailpolish in it. It never fails to illicit amazement from friends. Simply the sheer amount of nailpolish that I posess is incredible.

-m xx


  1. Just stumbled on your blog! It's super fabulous - your photos are beyond prooo! I find rooms to be SO insightful about people. I love visiting friends' rooms. I always want to open all the drawers and closets and stuff, just because I think it says a lot. But, you know, I refrain myself and jazz.

    Anyyyyways, your room looks fabulous! I love all your trinkets. I have an entire SHELF of nailpolish. About 70 bottles. UGH ITS SO UNHEALTHY!!!!

    Check out mine?

  2. I've been a bit MIA myself with blogger, so I had to check out your most recent posts to catch up. Don't post naked men pictures anymore, k? And it was nice seeing some of your things, and damn clean those drawers... but show what your room looks like, not just the objects. :)

    And who was dissing Lady Gaga? Lady GAG-a? lol.

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