Friday, April 01, 2011

Scratch that

Note: OK so i wrote this on Wednesday and forgot that I can't post on my dad's computer. i have no idea why. Nothing happnes when I press the publish button, and it's incredibly annoying. Anyway here it is.

Update: So when i posted i forgot that blogger's American date and time means that 1/4 is actually the 4th of January, so this post got lost in the recesses of the past for a little while. Anyway, half assed weekend post due up later today.

I lied. I'm sorry for anyone who sat with bated breath in front of a TV tuned to ABC at noon today. I really am. I've let you down. Well, Andy got some information mix up. They played a brief clip whilst introducing a different story in which Andy was playing with some children. But no interview. Apparently if and when they air it, we will find out. Well I sure am embarrassed. Especially for making my dad tape it on the IQ for nothing...

I've got an exciting weekend ahead (SPOILER ALERT: a visit to the Sandringham hotel, some quality time with my ladies, alcohol and some 90s tunage, a family lunch and whatever other shenanigans I get into) I've realised that I post more often on weekends than weekdays which is of course, a silly idea because blogs get a lot more views midweek. So from now on, anything interesting that I feel like posting on the weekend, will be drafted for midweek time slots (ooh TV jargon, yeah) and I'll be subscribing to the "Half-assed weekend post" method, as inspired by Simple Dude. So expect to see a lot less words on weekends and a lot more youtube videos. Oh, I've got plans, don't you worry. I'm kind of excited for my first weekend vid posts.

And with that, I leave you with a picture of Dan Gold. Graffiti-style tattoo artist of London Ink fame. Because, well, I find him strangely sexy and I think the world needs to see him.

And this amazing tattoo that he did. It's a robot with a camera for a head, crushing a guy playing drums. Yeah, badass.

Catch you on the flip side

-m xx

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