Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How have I never seen this before?

Seriously. Good Stuff.

And only fitting considering in two days I will be at the Green Day concert. noone appreciates my excitement... except of course J, who perfectly understands my unconditional love for this band.

I also want to say that schoolies was pretty tops. Except the boy know only as "the nappy haired butt pincher" who isn't very good at obeying red stickers (I'd hate to see him drive, in that case)

New, post-schoolies loves:

*Prancing around in my cropped bardot top and bikini bottoms
*The drinking game; "What the fuck"- it's like 4 kings, but more extreme and it doesn't involve clothes swapping.
*The boys of floor 13 PDT
*PDT in general (paradise towers apartments- i.e. the oldest apartment building in surfers paradise)
*Tom the security guard
*Lip piercings (apparently, since i got one)
*That 3Oh!3 song with Katy Perry
*Elevates. Seriously, 300mL, 1.9 standard drinks with energy. $10 for a 4 pack.
*The Ultimate Schoolies '09 drink! 2 parts electric pink cruiser, 1 part double black, plus a dash of the secret ingredient.
*Maccas cheeeseburgers
*My free Cacharel "Scarlet" EDT,courtesy of Grazia for getting letter of the week in issue 64 (finally got my prize). It's delicious. Not something I would buy but it's really grown on me.

And another vid to leave you with, Green Day performing "She" live. Just pay attention to Billie's ramble before he starts singing. Outrageous.


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  1. I absolutely love old Green Day. The Walking Contradiction video is one of my favorites!