Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bus Strikes and Tattoos

Are incredibly lame.
Meant to be meeting J at West Ryde, but as he lives in Newington and there are no buses today, he's not sure if he can get there. I'm fine, I can walk there. But currently I'm just sitting here waiting to hear from him- my social life is in limbo!
You may be wondering what we plan to do at West Ryde, so I'll tell you. J is finally taking the plunge and getting inked, with a tiny heart on his middle finger. It's a tip of the hat to Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day front man) who has the aforementioned tattoo (see below), since he's James' musical idol.

Besides, it makes giving the finger that much more ironic.

Work Xmas party was last night, had a great time! We only worked up a $350 bar tab, I'm slightly disappointed. And wondering why it wasn't higher because I had my fair share...
Wore this new dress I got from Tattoo for $20. It was weird buying it because my cousin was the model for the recent Junk campaign so there were photos of her in the store- her eyes followed me everywhere!
The dress is like a dull blue, almost navy, with some ruffly stuff a the front. It's quite low cut and I probably had the boobs out a bit more than one should at a work Christmas party but oh well!
Speaking of Christmas, I haven't even begun THINKING about shopping for presents, and it's only 1 week away! I have no idea what to get J, and he's the same with me. But I don't even know what I want so how can I give him ideas? He should be able to think of something, not like he's known me for over 4 years or anything... maybe we should just take each other shopping. I could get him to buy me a tattoo but I haven't designed what I want yet, which is like a stylised apple, representative of my dream of one day living in Manhattan ("The Big Apple"). Probably something not too dissimilar from the Woolworth's symbol, sadly...
Anyway, I'm sure we'll work something out.


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