Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GaGa for McQueen

So, in a not-so-surprising turn of events, who appears to be the only person in the world willing to wear shoes from Alexander McQueen's S/S10 line? None other than Lady GaGa. Sunday, I was sitting in my loungeroom (and by sitting it's probably most accurate to say reclining, on my fabulous couch. It truly is a GREAT couch. Ask anyone) and the filmclip to to Miss GaGas most recent single, Bad Romance came on. I saw those bizarre shoes and went "Oh jeez... Alexander McQueen" and a few scenes later, what came out? The infamous hoof shoes. Clearly GaGa is a fan.

Now, despite the fact that I'm not such a fan of the shoes, here are some reasons why we should still love Alexander Mcqueen:

1. The S/S10 dresses are exquisite. Seriously. The colours are just entrancing- truly gorgeous. Wearable? perhaps not. Admirable? certainly.

2. His clutches. Do I really need to go on a "Oh-how-I-love-McQueen-clutches" rant? They're gorgeous... I mean the skull clasps are just adorable, and he pioneered the recent boom in my favourite types of clutches.

3. Though those shoes aren't exactly day-to-day wear, I'm sure Mr. McQueen is fully aware of this. He's truly pushing the boundaries, and his designs are instantly recognisable. And, it got me talking.

On the subject of strange filmclip-fashion: Beyonce's Diva filmclip. Ok, seriously, what is with those "sunglasses"? For those who haven't had the delight of such insane eyewear, here:

I thought Kanye's venetians were bad enough. Are we trying to block UV rays, or haterrzz?

On the topic of sun-blocking eyewear (I know, me? on topic?) I bought my Raybans on Monday. They're so beautiful... I also got 2 bikinis ($60 for both, from Target. Oh Targaaaayyy, how i love you) and this pair of high waisted shorts that look like an old pair of 80s jeans that I've cut up, but are actually from Supre aka sluthut (the shame... But there's no way I'd find 80s jeans in vinnies that fit me so well so....)

I'm going to Parra today for some pre-schoolies hair removal and A bit of a browse. there's this top at Bardot I'm gunna get. I will post photos of such purchases eventually.

3 days 'til Schoolies! Oh the excitement

All for now.

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  1. The shoes the shoes.!!! How the heck can we walk in them???? Oh the art though. I love the man he is genius