Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Fact

#1 Elephants bury their dead, and then stay graveside like one would at a funeral. Don't ask me how they dig, I didn't find out that much

So, first proper photoshoot coming up soon! Ramshackle are getting me to do group and single portraits of them on Sunday, for free of course, but it should be fun. And I haven't even gotten to use my D90 since I got it so...
And January 9th is their next gig, at the Lewisham hotel again. So I will of course be there with my trusty camera (hmm... needs a name) and I'm thinking I might stalk the other bands and try and get myself noticed. Get some photos of them, give them business cards so they can see the photos and hopefully are impressed enough to book me for a future gig! (Wishful thinking...) Which brings me to a point: I think I'm going to make a photobucket or something. Just so I can display my photos easily without having people stalk me on facebook. I'd make a second blog but it takes too much time to upload and arrange photos into a post, so I'll stick to putting the special ones here.

Gunna do some last minute christmas shopping today. Going to T2 to pick up some nice things for my mummy, who likes tea, and getting Steph another monopoly set (city- you can make skyscrapers) and some other stuff. As for J, we've decided to pay for each others tattoos for Christmas (win, mine costs more) so I'm just going to get him a few small things.

It is far too hot to post some form of image today- nothing inspires me in this weather.
Peace out

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