Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So, last night, on ABC's Hungry Beast, there was a skit about how anyone can find out anything about you through google. And, as I obviously have a google account, I decided to google myself.
Nothing. Mostly, I got scary Spice, because we have the same name. I did however manage to find a tiny photo off my cousin's facebook of him and my sister- but nothing on me. I'm not sure whether i should be feeling relieved or insulted right now. Anyway, my shoe obsession has not died, oh no. So here, have some beauties I've been spying:

Left to right: Ariel, Footloose and Pesce, all Zu!

Left to right: Elfin, Harper and Leoni all Betts

I'm sorry it's tiny, but the Wittner website don't have savable photo files, so I had to go hunting... Not sure if this heel is high enough, it's only 9cm :p

And what are shoes without bags?
Ilka from Zu! and Graffiti from Betts (also look great in this nice royal blue and black pattern)
Both the cream Elfin pumps and the silver Wittner shoes are formal possibilities. Tough decision... I have a Betts voucher, so the Elfins would only be like $95. However, it's really hard to find a cream nude clutch that I LIKE (which is where the Ilka is a possibility, but might be a bit complicated with my multi coloured dress) and of course, pumps to a formal? In summer? I'm all about strappy shoes at the moment, and everyone else seems to be wearing black or nude pumps so the Wittner shoes would be more interesting, and I did see this great bejeweled silver clutch (in Gladesville pharmacy, of all places) that would look great. However the Wittner shoes are $170. But then again, the Zu! clutch is $70 more than the other so it makes up for it. But with my Betts voucher, I pretty much am obliged to buy Betts shoes by the 15th, which happens to be the day before the formal...
Or maybe I could get the Wittners and the clutch to match, and then from Betts get the Harpers, which i could wear on my birthday. And, since I like to buy myself birthday presents, guilt will be gone! It does however, total to about $350 in bags and shoes... a bit ridiculous? When i could just spend $200? Hmm... tough decisions. A trip to Parramatta is necessary for this one, methinks.
Oh and guess what? I've got an interview Monday, with Scene to Believe for like 3 weeks of Santa photography. Embarrassing, but all the same: any experience is good experience. So, hoping that goes well... And while I'm at Macquarie, I may as well check out Wittner (and perhaps find my mother a birthday present?).
Anyway, should have the photos from Granny Smith uploaded tomorrow, so chances are you'll be seeing a couple.
Man, I forgot how good old old Green Day is...
Princess in a schoolgirl's dream,
may I please speak to you?
I'm having troubles with control
and it's all because of you.
Today I kept on falling down,
I thought it was the street.
So I looked down at my shoes
they were on the wrong feet
Peace out- Mell xox

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