Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Truly exciting news today. And I mean actually exciting, as opposed to the exciting-only-to-myself kind.

So last week i sent a letter off to Grazia, in response to the Miranda Kerr article, which was in response to the response to her thin frame (excuse me, I'm having a po-mo moment). Anyway, so I bought Grazia today and remembered the letter I'd emailed in an thought "oh I wonder if I got letter of the week?!" (because of course, this is why we do these things- for the chance of recognition and free stuff)

I didn't actually think I'd gotten it, as I figured they would have emailed me some form of "congratulations, here's your free stuff!" notification, but i flicked through to the back anyway, with the tiniest glimmer of hope. I saw letter of the week and my heart fell. My title wasn't there. I sort of skimmed it and went "hmm, it's on the same issue as mine... wow it's pretty similar actually." Then i read those two words that really gave it away: "Keith" and "Richards" (i'll explain that later.) And of course, when i saw my name at the bottom, I realised that the Grazia Gods had smiled upon my sarcastic wit and rewarded me well for it, with $130 worth of Cacharel EDT and spray. Hoorah! (to keep in spirit with Grazia)
So, here it is, my winning letter:

It seems that when life on Earth is entirely wiped out by meteors and global warming, the "Weight Debate" will somehow survive, along with cockroaches and Keith Richards. The thing is, it's really no one else's business but Miranda's whether she's "too skinny." People need to stop comparing models to everyday women because, let's face it, they're not us and nor do the depict us. Models aren't meant to represent a size and shape we should all aspire to- they're meant to sell the clothes, which in relaity, look better on those lucky long-legged thin-framed individuals.

Jeez, I just read it and realised I sent it in with "too" where it's meant to be "to" - I changed it when I retyped it here. How embarrassing.

All for now

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