Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nikon D90


So I got the D90 Thrusday after my interview (which went well, I thought. I certainly got noticed- but i got the rejection email Friday), and it came in super handy at the Ramshackle gig that night, heat 10 of the Lewisham Hotel band comp. Hopefully they win and therefore perform at the finals on Halloween. They got money, just for bringing a crowd of 27 people! Then Friday night i took it to Hilary's 18th and got a few shots, and Saturday I took it to the Granny Smith festival and shot Ramshackle at The Core (unfortunately the D90 battery is dead so they're not uploadable as yet)

Anyway, here are some "choice" shots:
Tony- Ramshackle @ Lewisham 15th October 2009
Halcyon- Hilary's 18th 16th October 2009

Sarah- Hilary's 18th October 16th 2009
Andy & Tony- Ramshackle @ Lewisham October 15th 2009

Andy, Mitch & Jared- Ramshackle @ Lewisham 15th October 2009

Dave- Hilary's 18th 16th October 2009

Ramshackle's Fans: Eveline, Maddy, Beau, John, Sam, Ronzelle

Ramshackle @ Lewisham 15th October 2009

Granny Smith photos will hopefully be up in the next couple of days, and I might even try to upload a video or two. Although, as it films in HD, the files are huge, so it might not be possible.

Stay tuned. Mell xoxo

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