Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You can Betts your bottom dollar...

Ok, so guess what?
(exciting news here)


I have a group interview with Betts shoes tomorrow at 12! Woo!
First a gift card and now an interview? Surely it's gotta be a sign...

Anyway, so yesterday's shopping expedition in Parramatta was an epic fail but today i gathered my last inch of optimism and headed off to Burwood (yes... Burwood).

The day certainly started well. I popped into Vinnie's at West Ryde on my way and found this really cute tan mini-satchel for $3. It's basically like a wallet with an arm strap, it's tiny!

Then, my thrift store luck continued in Burwood, at the Anglicare, where i found this Free Fusion (Target) dress (looks bad on me as a dress but works well as a top with high waisted shorts/skirt) and a little pink clutch (really it's a purse, but my phone just fits!) to match, for the combined total of $14.

Surely I'd used up all my luck for the day?

Apparently not.
When i got to Westfields, I went on a hunt for a directory, but before I could find one, I found the Bluejuice store anyway! and they had like 6 of the dress I was after on display, including at least one size 8. And, if I may say so myself, it fits pretty darn well! I also found another dress in Bluejuice. It's turquoise and has sleeves and the back has a cut-out part and I feel like a sexy Dorothy in it (from Oz, not the purple dinosaur). So that's going to be my birthday dress, but it's awesome because it can be super cas. with sandals.
Now, because I have my Betts interview, I thought it logical to buy Betts shoes. So I got some tan gladiators, which I've been planning to buy anyway. They matched my little mini-satchel as well, but I couldn't resist Strandbags when I saw the "SALE!" signs, and I managed to find this cute tan bluebird handbag for $24. So I bought that too...
Anyway, you don't need all the details, so all up I bought 2 dresses, one top(/dress), a skirt, shorts, sandals, a clutch, a handbag, 2 cuffs and a mini-satchel.

Total spendings? Roughly $310. Go me!

Clockwise from top left: Turquoise dress - $79.95
and Multi-coloured bodice dress (for formal) - $80.95 from Bluejuice;
Skirt and High-waisted shorts - 2 for $25 from JayJays;
Tan mini-satchel- $3 from Vinnie's;
Tan gladiator sandals - $79.99 from Betts;
Fuchsia clutch- $1.50 and multi-coloured top/dress -12.50 from Anglicare;
Tan Bluebird bag - $24 from Strandbags.

Not pictured: blue cuff, and blue-flower cuff - $2 each from Diva.

Betts interview outfit:

High-waisted shorts, tan gladiator sandals and tan bag, cuffs from Diva, and sheer white man-shirt (or loose white singlet).

That's it for now, watch this space


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