Wednesday, May 04, 2011


So my Shane Dawson vid was actually meant to be for Saturday.

But I accidentally for got to change the date before pressing publish and apparently if you change the date after, it travels through a time vortex and stays up- three days earlier than it was supposedly published.

(Kind of like when you lock yourself in a small room (the bathroom for example) with the windows shut and a small group of people and light up some... tobacco... and go up in time. I assume.)

Anyway I suppose it's ok because there are actual words in my Shane/SCRE4M post so it's not as half-assed as a traditional HAWP would be.

And as penance, if I can, I will post something else on Saturday. But to be honest I'm not even sure if I will be able to post this because of the odd problems with my dad's computer. If HP or Apple or someone are reading this and feel like donating a laptop to me for free product coverage (with my wide readership of course) I suppose I can take one off your hands. Maybe.


So fingers crossed that this works or I might have to do a sneaky publish at work tomorrow.

-m xx

UPDATE: ohmyeffinggod it worked! Possibly because Blogger seems to have updated a few things? Thank you!

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