Monday, May 02, 2011


Firstly, an apology.
I'm full of lies right?
But seriously I have such a glittering social life that I had no time to blog this weekend.
Plus I forgot...

I've got a tonne of work going on right now. Of course, the week i go away is the same week they decide to give me extra stuff to do and the same week that a whole bunch of leads come in. It's getting to the point where a team would be nice.

As for this weekend and the obvious absence of HAWPs, I was up in the central coast, visiting the boyf's fambam. His 4 year old brother seems to have gotten over his too-scared-to-talk-to-the-big-scary-Mel-phase and apparently loves me now. I don't understand how I can be shit with kids and yet they seem to like me? Maybe it's like cats- they always sit on the lap of the person who had a traumatic feline experience or has a severe allergy.

I've got more posts coming to sum up my Vietnam trip in a way that is both eloquent and entertaining but I thought a wee post on what's happening in my life in general might be nice. I'm such a social butterfly that I managed to get me and a large group of my friends uninvited from someones 20th birthday celebrations, simply because we had other plans. Honestly though we all said we could come to pres but then we had already arranged to go to Teen Spirit and maybe the birthday girl would enjoy it too because she hadn't decided where to go yet. But all of a sudden we were uninvited from pres and then a brand new event was made without us on the guest list so we couldn't further besmirch her reputation with our horrid remarks (examples include, but are not limited to "I'm going to Teen Spirit." and "It's pretty cool ******, you should consider it." Kids can be so cruel).

It's so high school.

Anyway it's providing endless amusement for the lot of us because we'll be having fun grooving to 90s tunes on Oxford Street while the birthday-goers enjoy spending yet another Friday night on George Street (non-Sydney-siders, it would be too complicated to explain to you why Oxford pwns George). And Birthday Girl made the mistake of starting a fight with Kasey, who will be known from now on as The Guard Bitch.

Similar to a guard dog, the Guard Bitch verbally defends itself and those it is most loyal to from emotional onslaught. The guard bitch has also been known to enjoy proving people wrong, simply because it can. It differentiates from the regular bitch with its use of Creativity and Intelligence, which have been known to render its opponent defenseless. The Guard Bitch can be seen spending its time finding amusement in the intellectual failure of others.

I bought some extremely exciting nail polishes by BYS yesterday. A gorgeous blue- it's so bright it's almost fluorescent- a UV reactive top coat which will make any polish glow under black light, a blue shade that changes colour slightly depending on body temperature and black "crackle" effect, which shrinks as it dries to form cracks, much like OPIs "shatter" but from what I've seen so far, isn't so effective. All four for less than $20 which is completely mind blowing to me. When I test them I'll be sure to post up some shots or brief reviews.

Well, my Vietnam photos have just finished uploading onto the computer so I should hopefully have the next Viet post up tomorrow. But don't hold your breath just in case.

-m xx

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  1. Sounds like high school! I've never really had to deal with stuff like that, but I have had friends get mad because they weren't called when a bunch of us got together. Totally true what you say about cats!