Monday, May 16, 2011

She Said

So here it is. The fourth installment to the defamation of Strickland Banks
This is the frist single off the album and it's the song that got me listening to Plan B so it holds a special place even though I wouldn't call it my favourite.When I was in the UK it played on the radio a lot and for weeks I though it was a female singer. Then I saw the filmclip and realised that it was just an impressive falsetto. It's actually my ring tone lol.

You should see me get into the rapping section. I go OFF.

This got bigger than I ever could have planned
Like that song by the Zutons -"Valerie"


You don't know what love is.
You wouldn't do this if you did.

-m xx

16/05/2011 Update: I just discovered that for whatever reason this didn't post so I'm posting it now. Sheesh

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