Thursday, February 03, 2011


So I know I alluded in my last post to my brief absence. And to a pretty darn good excuse for it! I had plans for a busy day filled with wallowing in self pity over my current lack of future and doing some blogging (between googling "certificae 4 photoimaging sydney" for the umpteenth and flumpteenth times) on Tuesday. Then at about 10am I received this text from my currently-unemployed and often company-seaking friend Kasey:

"Laura tells me it's going to hit 42 degrees todayyy
I have put you in charge of operation get Kasey out of house and into a body of water

So we headed to Balmoral beach, which is quite possibly my favourite Sydney beach (oh but there are so many to choose from!). It never has waves. I hate waves.

It's a match made in heaven.

After close to two hours of buses, we arrived. Being responsible sun-and-lack-of-ozone-aware Australians, the first thing we did was slap on some cream. Then jump in the water and fail to reapply for the rest of the day. Sun protection fail? Most definitely. Sunburnt? No, (except my scalp, which I didn't sunscreen, for the plain and simple reason that WHO THE HELL GETS A BURNT SCALP WHEN THEIR HAIR ISN'T EVEN PARTED?!) I'm magical. I am a nice crisp brown though. Kasey was less fortunate- she refused to sunscreen her legs, because legs "never get burnt" and ended up with a lovely pink hue to the back of them.

The visit was followed by dinner with a few of our friends who have just headed to Thailand for 3 weeks (lucky bitches) at Woolwich Pier, where I had possibly the most amazing salad of my life.

Sydney skyline. If you look close you can actually see it.
So Tuesday was out- simply no time to feel sorry for myself and blog about it with such a glittering social life. I'm sorry, I'll try to do better with the self pity in future. Like now, perhaps, as I tell the next leg of my why-I-wasn't-able-to-blog-for-2-days story (what an exciting tale!)

At about 1am Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning, my body decided it hated me and clearly my stomach no longer enjoyed the most amazing salad of my life, because I spent the next two hours puking and hating life. Miraculously, I didn't wake my mother up. I even had a shower and she slept right through my misfortune. Needless to say, on Wednesday I was far to exhausted and in large amounts of pain to do much other than lie on the couch at my Dad's (courtesy of Mother driving me down the hill) and watch my shows on the foxtel IQ in blissful 22 degree conditioned air.

So, as you can see, I have very good reasons for not being able to blog. between having an awesome life and having a crap one, there was simply no time for frivolous activities. except for going to the beach and finishing season 4 of Skins and having my mind BLOWN by that ending. Seriously. My mind? Spread accross four corners of my loungeroom, unable to deal with that cliffhanger that's not a cliffhanger because it's the last episode about those characters and we'll never know what happened, really. Cliff-fall more like it. If you're not a skins watcher, maybe don't start. It's fabulous but it WILL TORTURE YOU!
-m xx


  1. The Skins finale, I knowwwww!!!
    ...But then I found out about the Skins movie, which is coming out soonish and should tie up loose ends (for gen 2 AND 1!).


  2. I think you can be forgiven, you provided us with two lengthy posts to make up for it. Looks like a nice beach. I love watching the waves, but since I can't swim I'd rather there be no waves.
    BTW just noticed the title of your last post and I liked it lol.