Saturday, February 05, 2011

It's hot.
Really hot.
Actually, if I'm honest, today isn't so bad. My house however, has been converted into an oven due to the heat this week, so it's hard to appreciate that today is colder than yesterday.
Yesterday was the hottest February day in Sydney in 85 years.
It hit 30 degrees at 8:30am.
By 9:30am, it was 36 degrees.
It hit 40 at 11am.
and the maximum of 42 at 2:45pm.
It was 35 degrees at 11:30pm last night- the hottest night in Sydney in recorded history.

And when did I go to bed? Oh about 11:45pm. Yeah, not fun.
Me and J lay flat on our backs, with a wet cloth which we moved every couple of minutes so another body part could experience to delicious coolness. I woke up at 7:30am, for absolutely no reason.
It's 10:30am now and it's already hit the predicted maximum for today- 32 degrees. This does not bode well...

I'm just hanging out for the cold change coming this evening- end of the heatwave! Mid to high 20s next week- oh the joy! Never before have I thought of that as cold.

-m xx

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