Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Europe Photos: Auschwitz; Autumn 2010

Du hast gelernt, was Freiheit heisst, und dass vergiss nie mehr.

These shots were all taken on my compact camera. It's surprisingly fantastic in tricky light situations- with my SLR I have to completely ignore the exposure reading and go with instinct in situations like this.
On the day, it was absolutely freezing. Krakow was definitely one of the coldest places I visited. There was this icy, vicious wind. We paid a visit to the sleeping quarters at the camp and it was ridiculous. I honestly felt like my legs were going to drop off- it was that cold. And I was there in Autumn. I can't even comprhend what it would be like in winter- with nothing but a few pieces of wood and sheer determination keeping you alive.
-m xx


  1. Nice images. See, point-and-shoot cameras can take amazing pictures too!

  2. some great shots at a great time of the day. love the sun rays

    thank you for the lovely comments on my blog! very sweet of you!