Friday, October 08, 2010

A List

Of things I can't wait to do when I get back home
  1. Kiss J.
  2. Drive home via Mascot, to get a roll
  3. Shower. For free, with no time limit, with a regularly sized towel.
  4. Lay on my OWN BED. Even if just for a second.
  5. Introduce the clothes I left behind to the clothes I bought here. Let them make friends.
  6. Bask in the glory of my new super-wardrobe! Oh the endless outfit possibilities...
  7. Watch foxtel on the 50inch
  8. Visit Rocky (pooch)
  9. Visit the newly completed Top Ryde and, somehow, NOT die of excitement. Myer! At Top Ryde! That's class!
  10. Get goooood thai food.
  11. Make fun of Newington.
  12. Possibly drink in the park in Newington, like 16year olds
  13. Attempt to find the perfect Melbourne Cup outfit
  14. Get schnitzel, chips, unlimited salad and mushroom gravy, with a vodka, lemon lime and bitters at Mary's (West Ryde Hotel, for the stalkers)
  15. Get messy at Scary Canary.
  16. Go to Vinnies. Buy stuff.
  17. Make purchases in general WITHOUT converting the currency in my head.
  18. Hit up the beach (when the water isn't 16 degrees)
  19. Have vegemite and avocado toast, preferably while hungover.
  20. Go to a Ramshackle Gig

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