Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Current Living Situtation

Awesome Hostel. Really awesome. They make coffee and hot chocolates and stuff! And there's a bar. And you can get a packed lunch for 4euro which sounds awesome to me but I don't really know since I haven't had one.

Room mates however... Different story. Very different. 3 months of travelling, barely any problems! 2 nights in Hamburg and barely any sleep. The first night, I was woken when people came home late and turned on all the lights and made lots of noise. Then I was woken by snoring. Then again by some German boys having an unneccessarily loud conversation at 8:30am. Last night was even worse. I was lying there, trying to get to sleep, with the TV on in the background. Somebody came into the room. Then they turned off the TV. Then, they left. I was left with no background noise. I was kept awake by every single person who came into the room after that. Turning the lights on, slamming locker doors etc. etc.

Eventually, I got to sleep, and was woken by strange noises. A repeated "Maaaahhh!" noise. And the sound of soft drink bottles being open and drunk from (loudly. Who drinks that loud?) The Mah noise was soon accompanied by a series of other noises. Random yelps, sighs, giggles and German mutterings (at one point I heard "Dankeshoen... *insanse psycho giggle*"). The only conclusion I can come up with is that someone was experiencing night terrors, and someone else was thirsty. On top of this, construction work is going on nearby. It sounded like someone was tap dancing in the elevator with woks strapped to their feet, while shouting incoherently in German and chugging a 2L coke bottle.

Of course, in the morning, I was woken up again by the SAME unneccesarily loud conversationalists. One of whom was almost definitely the night-terror-sufferer. The construction work was still going. I couldn't get out of bed early enough to do the free walking tour. Grumpy Mel indeed...

Thankfully, major offending parties seem to have checked out. Hopefully tonight I will get some sleep. never have I had such inconsiderate/annoying/disagreeable roommates! I mean, night terrors? Don't sleep in a 10-bed dorm if you're likely to wake everyone up by screaming in the middle of the night, PLEASE.

Slowly being driven insane
-m xx

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  1. lol reminds of that crazy German kid on YouTube playing Unreal Tournament