Sunday, October 24, 2010

How old are you again?

Remind me, because this seems like something a toddler, or at best a pubescent 12 year old, would say:

"if you have better things to do than talk to me, i have better things to do than pick you up on tuesday!!!"

Yes. That was my dad. Simply because my reply didn't go through to him because his facebook went offline briefly. Of course when I tell him this, his response is merely

"what time are you due in- 6:30?"

Yes. That's fine. I don't need an apology.

Gosh, I'm the teenager here, people!

- m xx

p.s. BTW, he's 54.

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    That should make you feel better. And I bet it was you and your buggy online/offline facebook! HAha.. parents are good at saying things that anger their kids.. and sometimes they make you feel like they're the kids.