Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Gorgeous GaGa

Just want to say I think Lady GaGa looked absolutely STUNNING on the Grammys red carpet. Thankyou Giorgio Armani!
Although I must say- give the girl a sandwich! She was so sexy and now she's wasting (or should I say waisting?) away.
Basking in doing nothing today, since there won't be much of that once my new job starts. But I will be able to go crazy buying clothes in Europe so it'll be worth it. But the New York plan is on hold for a year. It's just not looking possible right now. Thailand or New Caledonia or something may be a possible replacement for a nice beachy chill holiday.
Also, I bought this really cute necklace from GPco yesterday after my interview. I can't find a photo online but I'll put one up when I wear it. Also, I've decided i want to invest in some Cheap Monday jeans. I mean, they're like $90 and they have this really nice indigo colour that I've been looking for. I'll wait till it cools down a bit though so I can justify the spending.
I'm itching to go out and wear my new shirt so much! Grr...
-Mell xx

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  1. Not a fan of her yellow hair, but omg her dress! Amazement!