Thursday, March 17, 2011


I wrote this on Wednesday and for whatever reason, it wouldn't post. So here it is now!

So monday was mine and J's third anniversary. We figured, since three is a much bigger number than one AND two, we should do something a bit more significant than we have in the past (last year we were too lazy to go out for a romantic dinner and ended up getting Thai delivered, so we could eat in the comfort of my loungeroom, with my mum. The year before we went to a small house party and played Mario on a Nintendo 64, 90s style). Last year for J's birthday we spent a night at Quay Grand Suites, which is a fabulous 5 star hotel in Circulr Quay (the place with the iconic view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, for the non-Sydney-siders). We enjoyed it so much that we though we'd do that again this year. I mean, why research hotels when you already know of one you love?

"Even the floor is 5star!"

But seriously, the rooms are amazing. Full apartments, with spa-baths and kitchenettes and balconys and bathrobes. We booked a room over looking the Botanical Gardens (i.e. a road and some green stuff) because it's about $100 cheaper than the harbour view. 11am checkout didn't appeal to us, so we put in a request for late checkout. On Saturday, at about 3pm, walked into the lobby, looking oh-so-inconspicuous in our not-rich-person attire. Not only were we getting a late checkout (1pm) but they'd upgraded us to the harbour view!

To say I was happy about this would be an understatement. I actually gasped and grabbed J's knee in excitement. If you are going to stay at a hotel like the Quay Grand, you will spend a LOT of time in the room, so it's probably worth paying for the view. You get to see boats! And sunset!

Our time there was true decadence- Veuve Clicquot Champagne, higher-thread-count-than-should-be-physically-possible-soft-as-a-soft-thing-sheets, a spa bath, bathrobes, dinner in The Rocks, Gelatissimo, considering-paying-fourteen-dollars-for-an-in-house-movie and room service breakfast of croissants and hot chocolate. We spent all of Sunday missing it, and in stark contrast we had Oporto for lunch then spent the afternoon with the Ramshackle crew, attempting to make art with a $35 paintball gun from Big W Top Ryde. Hint: It's not very effective.

I have my short course on tonight, we're shooting in Circular Quay which should be fun. We haven't seen the task list yet but we did get a little spoiler- there will be sparklers involved. Slow shutter speeds and bright shiny things? I know I'm excited! The photos, if good/interesting will be up soonish, probably on my photoblog so stay tuned!
-m xx

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