Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back in The Day


Yes. I'm wearing white jeans. I KNOW.

Photo courtesy of Marco Bok

Photo Courtesy of Marco Bok
Why yes, that is Maccas Park st. And no, I don't know what I'm listening to. I do remember me and Tom once having a debate about some lyrics in Blood Sex and Booze by Green Day, So It was probably that. The things on my hands are socks.

Live Earth, 07.07.07

Year 10 formal. I'm wearing a corset, and flats. J went with my friend Bonnie. I took my boyfriend of the time, and spent most of the night trying to convince people that J was my half brother. Oh how times change.

"Super Happy Fun Night" for my 16th birthday.
Me and Kate were so radXcore back then. LOL.

Ladies Night II

Mardi Gras :: Easter Long weekend.

May. Bottom Sarah's G themed 17th. dressed as a "guy", sculling a woodstock, right after giving a "geek" a mean one-handed wedgie. I commit to my roles.

Vietnam, September.
Yes, that is an AK47.

Bianca's "Showgirls and Highrollers" 18th.
Yes, I really was that skinny. Sadface.
(on the plus side, if I wore that outfit now, I'd have the boobs for it)

I think this photo was taken in 2007. It was the next year when the speech bubbles were added. Sarah is a genius at card-making.

Yes, we went to J's year 12 formal in Optimus Prime. HOW BADASS IS THAT?

We went through a stage where we used the word "tysoned" to mean drunk. Imagine my excitement when I saw "I love tyson v" written in pencil on a table at school. Alcohol was a big feature of year 11...
I wish I could explain this. All I know is i tried to take a photo of me and Kasey (I'm the chin in the bottom left corner) and this is what I got. Amazing.
The Great Debate- Should Riverside become co-ed?
The students were on the negative side.

We dressed up as boys and made a video. I think it's obvious who won.

Last week of year 12. I drank 2 bottles of cheap sparkling wine and spent the night puking. J had to put me in the shower. We had school at 7:45 the next day. I was too hungover to go to work at 4pm.
Alcohol was a big feature of year 12 as well.


  1. That was a nice little blast from the past and it looks like you had some fun times. You looked like a whole different person! I only knew you for a couple weeks, but you were pretty calm and mature and in these pics you look like a wild party animal! Optimus Prime, bad ass.

  2. Oops, forgot to comment on the AK47. Jealous!