Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been shopping!

I'm on a very tight budget at the moment. I've been keeping to $20 a day for the last month and it's not as tough as i thought it would be. I mean, I now see how ridiculous it is that last year, when I was earning more than double what I am now, and I didn't have a $50/week fee to pay for a correspondence course (which, incidentally, I haven't started working on yet.) I was spending pretty much everything. I could have been putting $300 a week into my savings, and still be living off the same amount of money I am now! If I had done that, i wouldn't have all this pesky debt stopping me from enjoying any windfalls, like extra work shifts.

That said, I was so proud of myself after my first fortnight of budgeting- I was paid about $520, which leaves me with $420 for transport/food/alcohol and I managed to not spend $65. I have no idea how I did it, but I figured it made sense to reward myself. So I spent it (+$10) on things I WANTED (oh God I've missed that)

What did i buy? I hear you ask. Shoes of course! Last year, I fell in love with the Tony Bianco "Nemesis" wedge shoe boot. They're beautiful- but at $190 I really couldn't justify it right before a trip to Europe. Then I discovered Betts "Poppie" which is pretty much identical to the Biancos, for only $90. What luck, I just happened to have a 45% off voucher that my friend gave me. So I spent about a quarter what I would have, had I succumbed to the beauty of Tony Bianco, for a shoe that, from afar, looks the same. The are of course, faux suede as opposed to genuine, but that just means I can panic less when it rains, yes?

I have to tell you, they are THE comfiest shoes I've ever worn. Well, the comfiest shoes that make me 4-5inches taller than I actually am, that is. I mean, wedges are, of course, more comfortable than say a stiletto heel. It's just logic- there's more foot support which puts less stress on the ankles, balls and calves. Also, as the have a rather thick platform, there's none of that burning pain in the ball of your foot that you get with most shoes. I feel like I'm wearing flats! They're perfect. And they look good with pretty much anything- jeans, skirts, stockings, bear legs, socks- anything! I'm pretty much in love with them.

Now my other significant purchase recently was that of the Ebay variety. I had a brief love affair with Ebay a few years ago, and when I fell in love with an incredible shade of MAC lipstick, I wasn't too keen on the idea of paying $36 for something that can be bought in the US for just $13.50. So, to Ebay I went. Including postage from NY, it was only about $23- well worth the 10day wait for arrival. I was a bit nervous about buying a lipstick without testing it first, but I'm pretty happy. The colour, Girl About Town, doesn't make me look like a hag, and though it's a bit glossier than the Sephora Maniac Matte I'm used to, it doesn't disappear in 5 minutes like many others.

(Please ignore the fact that I look like a stunned mullet. And yes, I really am that freckled)
As for the colour, the pictures don't show it perfectly because I took them in my bathroom and the light wasn't fab. It's basically fuchsia. I've had my eye out for such a brilliant pink for a while- after seeing plenty of it on the runway. I think it's amazing, and when I saw the profile photo of a facebook friend with the exact colour i was looking for, I had to ask. It was no surprise to find out it was MAC, and in fact it was the same girl who suggested I try Ebay.

I'm feeling pretty poorly right now. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus filled with mucous or something. Which sucks because I'm working tomorrow and the next day and I get the feeling that it will probably get worse. Right now, I'm functioning on a fairly regular level, with only the slightest hints of delirium. Tomorrow could be a different story.

Tonight I'm off to my first Ramshackle gig since last July, and their first since September. I just wish I wasn't sick because it's cutting into my enthusiasm. And I can't decide what to wear!

Expect photos soon, they're beginning to build up.

-m xx


  1. Yay, that lipstick looks great on you, despite the bathroom lighting! And it seriously lasts aages! I had a meal while wearing it and it was still mostly perfect afterwards.. You can mattify it a bit by dusting some translucent powder over it, and that actually makes it laster even longer.

  2. Honestly, I've never been a fan of makeup. I think women look great without makeup. You really did pick a nice color though.

  3. Ah yea, I hear ya. I was just sayin'. I know you like to get the lipstick and polish to accessorize and that's all fine and dandy. Sometimes you post some odd colors, yet this one is very fitting on you. I wasn't referring to you when I mentioned makeup, but some girls just think they need it, ya know? I look forward to calling you old when you get my age! :)