Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Eagle has landed!

Only to take off again.
To Noosa
for a week and a half.

While at Nimbin the big boss decided to extend our road trip to include 2 weeks in Noosa. Which of course meant I had to get the train home, and will be flying up again on Wednesday. Oh hassle hassle, money money.

Nimbin was most excellent. I think I would like to retire there. And I made heaps of sales up there! I have decided though that there must be less girls around my age in the country because the boys up there take a lot more notice. I even got asked out by the mate of someone I signed up! What a hoot! (something I have never said, and hope to never repeat)

Of course, with all the working and severe lack of days off, I have spent a wee bit more money than I should have over the last two days. Yesterday I bought a shirt (it was $10 down from 40, and a lovely on-trend peachy colour, all loose and flowy and lacey neck line. So therefore a worthy purchase) and then today I bought a pair of brogues, a pair of studded ballet flats, an ultra tight super-babe navy and white striped t-shirt dress, and an awesome blazer-type-thing made from this sort of thickish warmish material (for a blazer-type-thing I mean) and with awesome shoulder pads and folds. Yes, both!

Unfortunately as Derek is at Mother's and not very good for self portraits anyway, I cannot supply you with photos as of yet. And nor have I uploaded photos from the Hunter yet! But I need to go to Mum's to pick up my medicare card anyway so I may as well grab Derek while I'm there. If i remember...

Ok so in lieu of the recent transition of seasons, here's a list of things I'm loving for Autumn:

-making use of transeasonal irony. i.e. shorts teamed with trenches and hats, cropped jumpers worn as shirts and the like.
-tan. This obsession started a while ago and I've just started really getting into teaming tan with black. I don't know what it is, but I love it!
-ankle boots. My year long search for the perfect pair will hopefully soon end, now that they're in store again.
-Brogues- and I finally got some! they're gunmetal grey :)
-On that note, Grey! All shades with all shades and all that
-Wearing all black and peppering it with coloured accessories (or tan, as mention above)
-Coloured winter coats! A love that began last year and will surely survive a few more.
-Tough, biker-esque boots. especially when worn with flowy girly items or super tight tights.
-High sandals with socks!
-Wacky socks in general. They cheer me up at work, all i have to do is lift my jeans a bit and bam!
-Patterned tights. Not so much coloured ones, they remind me too much of my "I'm not emo I'm alternative" phase so it might take a while for me to embrace them again, but ones that use varying deniers to create patterns.
-Clear, plastic umbrellas. The really big, domed ones
-Gumboots. With aforementioned wacky socks.
-Hats. I desperately want one of those 40s style hats that women wore. The felty ones? (Oh I'm good with words today...) And also beanie-beret cross breads. They're all over gossip girl so clearly that trend has more than survived the year.
-Flats. Simply because it's nice now to not have my options limited to thongs, old, decrepit cons or heels. I can go out to dinner/shopping and not fell like I'm wearing inappropriate footwear! And no longer will I have to look in the mirror and refuse to allow my gaze to slide as low as my feet, where the whole outfit comes undone quite often. It's been torture teaming jeans and fashion tops (specifically the kind that aren't super casual) with thongs I tell you. Oh the shame!

Ok, that is a long enough list I feel.
Sorry about the lack of images, I haven't any of my own handy and it takes far too much effort to search for some! I haven't had time for anything to inspire me lately anyway.

Hopefully should post again tomorrow with some :)

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