Thursday, April 15, 2010

Been a long lonely lonely lonely time

Ok. So I'll admit, it's been a while. What with the limited amount of time I actually spend at home and the general state of tiredness/apathy I tend to be in when I AM home, I haven't been in touch. I'm sorry blogger, I've neglected you.

Well, works going well. Preparing myself for the best pay ever next friday! Because of work I haven't had all that much time for photography lately. But I do have some to share with you!
Backdated photos from the Hunter Valley trip as well as some I got on Sunday night at a last minute RS gig.

Just call me commercial.


The Golden One...

A first appearance on ff. for Kent

Going to the annual fashion photography exhibition at the MLC centre on Saturday, as I actually have the day off work! Pretty excited. Hoping to get some good inspiration, especially as I've got another Ramshackle portrait shoot coming up and hopefully a paid one for another band. Also, one of the bands playing at the Landsdowne where RS were on Sunday night want to book me for their next gig in the area. So hoping to hear from them soonish.
I need to make business cards but I've been procrastinating since the link to my facebook page isn't a very practical one. Anyway, I've decided to make a second blogger, just for my photography. It will have the links to here and my fb, as well as the obvious things like contact info.
Been having some really interesting ideas for artistically ironic photoshoots lately. I really want to achieve a photoshoot with a story to it, to set myself and the boys apart from most amateurs. I'm aiming to get that one perfect photo that makes you go "Yup. That's the rolling Stone cover!" Gunna "pitch" them to james and see what he thinks. Also trying to get a few more started, put the extras in the bank etc.

Anyway, Ill keep you posted and try not to be away for so long this time. Peace out!

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