Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's over

Shool formal was Monday night. Now that that's done, school is finally over. Weird...
Although I haven't signed out yet so I'm technically still enrolled, but I'm planning on doing that today so then I will REALLY be free. Free and bored.
Which brings me to an issue- I need another job. Badly.
I'm hoping to get into club photography after schoolies so that should be good AND It'll get me paid. Excellent.
But last night Mum just casually goes "so Mel, would you be interested in doing an internship at ACP magazines?" ah... yes?!
(Just so you know, they do Grazia among many other huge magazines.)
And I'm not above photocopying if i get paid and get some insight into the magazine world. It is, after all, one of my back up plans if this whole photography caper falls through. So hopefully I could be doing that next year. Win.
2 days till my 18th, hoorah! I'm pretty excited, mostly to wear my dress. It's so cute. And of course, I will be getting my D90, which means there'll be a lot more photos coming onto this blog from then on, since I'll actually have a camera to take them with.
I might put some formal pics up soon, I'm waiting for my friend to upload some photos her Dad took with a Nikon D3x. they should be good.
So that's all for now, life is apparently kind of boring after school so i don't have much to tell you.
Stay tuned.

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