Friday, July 24, 2009

Want, Want, Want!

As I am forcing myself to not spend money, in lieu of a year 12 formal outfit and schoolies spending money to finance, I have not bought a new pair of shoes in 3months.
3 months!!!
Hence, I am having terrible withdrawals and imagining my perfect world, in which i miraculously have a whole lot of money for no reason, with which to buy all the wardrobe additions i lust after (it's a long list, i tried to post it but i think it's never end) including killer red Christian Louboutin stilettos. (This fantasy is really not helped when they put the lotto jackpot at $80,000,000... Oh what I would do with that money...).
Now, as you can imagine, after the delicious sparkly glow of my imaginary life in which I am meeting the girls for champagne at some amazing bar that i mysteriously work at, wearing a feminine tuxedo blazer, black loose fitting short shorts and a killer pair of red Louboutin closed-toe stilettos with a 12cm heel, reality returns with a rather violent slap in the face of mundanity. [May I add, in this scenario, set in January or something (as setting my dream world in the future makes it seem like i really could have become rich and lost 3kg almost entirely from my legs) I have been jogging and walking consistently between now and then and my legs are firm, toned, tanned and,most unrealistically skinny]. As a result of the mundanity of my shoe-deprived life, i find myself drooling over the pages of Grazia, just hoping to even see a beautiful pair of heels which i can pretend to myself i will one day buy. And in this issue i did just that- a pair of many-criss-crossed-strap-adorned, metallic grey (almost silver, but darker and less tacky), platformed stiletto-sandals, for the annoyingly affordable price of $149.95- which brings me to a point: I can deal with the heartache of lusting after an item I can never hope to attain, at least not whilst I'm earning $100/week, such as the $2195 metallic pale blue Alexander McQueen clutch on page 50 that I'm currently gazing at in an attempt to comprehend such utter beauty, or the $1200 winter white Sonia Rykiel zipped coat on page 54, but it is the hope that comes with spying something I could afford, in fact have more than enough money to buy immediately, but can't in reality, as I must save my funds for other things.
Anyway, I digress. So, when i tried to find them online and see if i could somehow manage to get them cheaper, much like a friend of mine did with her own pair of Siren platforms, or AT LEAST get an image of them, to post here, in my written lament- i could not find them! It seems they aren't on the website yet, so I guess they're next season's, which is both irritating and fantastic, as i may still want them and be able to find a dress to wear them with for my formal.
Oh it's a hard life...

Christian Louboutin "Alti" stiletto pumps- picture in vamp red

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  1. Sonia Rykiel, Christian Louboutin, and Alexander sound like my kinda gal! Awesome blog!