Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So, I have a blog now...

And this is my first post. I'm still working this site out, so sorry for the boring layout of current (to any strange souls who may, for some reason, be reading this- I'm not encouraging people to read it anytime soon)
So basically, I'm bored and it's school holidays and I'm procrastinating about my chemistry and EES assessments (I mean, clearly making a blog for no reason is far more important, right?). I had been planning to make one, but I was going to save it until I was doing something, you know, of note, in my life such as when i travel next year. Or at least when i graduate.
But oh well, now i won't have to make it later. Yay for social networking!
Anyway, I'm planning to post with pictures, mostly fashion related, and that is my main intention for the blog, as well as tracking my travels and such. Right now, it probably won't be interesting but I hope, dear no-doubt-non-existant-reader, that one day, you will be able to say "Oh yeah, Mel Brown. i read her first ever post on blogspot, btw" when my name is mentioned, for whatever I'm doing in the fashion world to make me mentionable (pipe dream? Maybe.)

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