Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A tribute: Agyness Deyn

So, I have music now. My favourite singer of the moment, Regina Spektor. Just a few of her songs because i got impatient with the slowness of my internet whilst searching. Plus half of the songs on there were live recordings- why, people? Do you really think i want to hear the recording, mostly of your own cheering that you got from the back row of a gig? Well, no, I don't. Noone in their right mind does. Live recordings really piss me off, except for the properly produced ones when the bands release them themselves, and even then... Anyway, I'll put up a new playlist in a while, of someone else. Although, it may be a long while as i doubt anyone has read this yet.

But anyway, to the point of this post: The awe-striking genius that is Agyness Deyn. She's so effortlessly cool it's painful to look at. She makes me wish i could pull off a pixie-short peroxide do (well, maybe i could, but I'm not game enough to try full throttle androgyny at this point in my life, I'll stick with my VB bob thanks. Speaking of... i REALLY need to get my hair done...I think it's been 3 months) And lets not forget her style. admitedly she did have an off period for a few months there, but she's back! And, regardless, she is still one of my favourite models, and also in the top 3 of my "women i would turn gay for" list.

Aggy, I salute you.

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