Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh Hai!

Still tumbling like crazy guys. Got 122 followers (nothing by tumblr standards, but still exciting for me) so better jump on the bandwagon! I also have a photography tumblr so go check them out.

So what's happened in my life since my last post?

I turned 20
Summer came
I went to Coffs Harbour
It became 2012
I lost weight (don't know how much, avoiding weighing myself since the chocolate extravaganza of Easter. Enough for people to notice)
I went to Nimbin
My Dad moved to Vietnam. No really
I worked A LOT
I got reading glasses. Dream come true!
I got asked to become a casual photographer at work. It's been like 3 months and still nothing has come of that
I made plans to move out with J and our friend Tony towards the end of the year
I got my first credit card
I started school (studying fashion business at The Fashion Institute, love it!)
Autumn began
I worked at Sexpo and had fun taking happy snaps of visitors and pole-dancers alike
My hair grew! It's now about nipple-length. Saucy
I went alcohol-free for 6 weeks and discovered that it doesn't affect my fun levels at all
I hit 4 years with J and celebrated by ending my dry-month-plus with copious wine tasting in the Hunter Valley
I sold things on eBay for the first time
I re-discovered eyeshadow
I got J an Aldi expressi coffee maker for his birthday. Best decision ever? I think so
I met Louise van de Vorst, Rachel Rutt and Ollie Henderson
I went to/worked at my first fashion show
I had the worst migraine ever
I got offered an internship at Harper's Bazaar (eeeeeee!)
I worked more
I paid off my school fees
My bank balance went into negative of about $600
I made progress in my life.

So things are good. Tonight there's the first Ramshackle gig in aaaaaages and the last for a while because Tony is heading to Europe in less than 3 weeks. I'm excited to take some photos!

My dear friend Halcy has hopped over to Milan to further her modelling career. She's doing really well and just got flown over to Paris to do a job for L'Oreal! I'm super jealous that she's over there and I miss her but I'm also super proud of her. A whole heap of my friends are travelling this year and I wish so much that I could be too but there's no way unless I put off moving out for longer and I really don't want to do that.

Another friend anounced her pregnancy a couple of weeks ago and we're all excited! It's also kind of scary to think that in less than 6 months, our group will have a second generation. It makes me feel old. I can't imagine how scary it must be for them to know they'll be parents soon!

James is still living here at my mum's house. Steph is also here all the time since dad moved. It's an interesting house hold set up haha. But in about 5 months me and J should be out of their hair and I can't wait! I hope it's as fun as I'm imagining...

That's basically the quick update of what's happening in my life.


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